A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part 1

Happy New Year’s Everyone!! Please drink responsibly.

On that note we all know New Years means a fresh start or a new start for most. We all make Financial, relationship and health changes before the New Year hits. As of last year I stopped with New Year resolutions. If I’m going to do something, it will be anytime of the year. It’s all about motivation, determination, and being Productive.

     1.Financial Goals : Are you working to build your credit or save for retirement?


https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/  Can help you repair and fix your credit with a fee. Click on the link for more Information.

https://www.creditkarma.com/  Credit karma is great at giving you accurate information on your credit score.

The Dime Challenge Get a 2 liter and save dimes you will end up with about $700 dollars once it’s filled. I have not tried it, but I’m sure those little things add up.

**Invest in Stocks and Bonds leaving the middle man out, also invest in CD’s

       2. Relationship Goals : Do you want to build  better relationships?


I’m definitely not a relationship expert, but I have relationship issues like the rest of you. It could be family, friends, or a significant other

There are some people who you’re  not on good terms with. you win some you lose some! If you really want to mend things with them, be the bigger person and reach out. If you’re in love cherish that love, don’t take it for granted.Be the person you want them to be to you.

The best relationship you can have is one with yourself… Renew, Grow, and learn.

          3. Health Goals: Have you ever decided on eating healthy or being fit?

I decided in January 2016 to start juicing, I juiced for a month and It was expensive, but well worth it. It can curve your appetite from processed food, GMO, and gluten etc.  If your smoker it will curve your urge to smoke. Besides juicing I decided to eat healthy that month and the experience was delightful.

I only did it for a month and I cannot eat some things that are actually bad anymore. There are a lot of different reviews on juicing. I say do your own research and study on it. Some herbs, vegetables, and fruits I never tried until juicing. When you juice you can always save the pulp and put it on salads. That seems to be a negative factor for some people on Juicing, wasteful leftovers. I also recommend trying a Dr. Sebi diet and a no meat diet. Here’s a list of links that  may be helpful for a great start into the New Years.


Dr. Sebi

There’s many different ways to get motivated to be fit Coming from a skinny lazy girl, lol. I recommend starting with those 30 day challenges. You can find those on Pinterest and Google. Any part of your body you want to work on there is a challenge for it. If you a have workout partner go to the gym. Having a work out partner can be very beneficial find a friend or a significant other. Three great places to start are the gym, park, and home. Here are list of challenges you can try starting today!

January 27th, 2017 R & B group Bell Biv Devoe is  coming out with a New album entitled

“Three Stripes”

📺New Edition Story > Series starts January 24th-26th 2017 on B.E.T.

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Bell Biv DeVoe on the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air😂

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