A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part. 3


Well change is good, right?  In a 5 days our new President will take office.

I know a lot of people aren’t happy with Donald Trump winning president. I think we needed that change, because we were too comfortable with True lies. What I mean by that is so many of the majority, middle class, and lower class people voted for people who did the bare minimum. By the bare minimum I mean giving us just enough to keep us quiet. As people we’re allowed to question and challenge our Government, but do we? We complain, protest, and don’t have a plan.

Donald has a reputation, but so does the runner up Hillary. My question is why do people blindly turn the cheek at The Clinton’s criminal background? All because their good reputation is paid for or people’s lives being blackmailed in silence. I believe we needed Donald Trump to wake up to the problems of America. The same names people call Trump is nothing short of what the presidents before him were.  I’ve heard he’s not fit to be president, neither was Bush. Even with him cheating no one did anything to challenge the government on that scandal.

Politics is full of deceit, scandal, ran by a cult. Media is where most people receive their information and sadly a mass majority of people believe the media. People will believe the media and social media before they go out and do their own research. You can learn a lot from misinformed information if enough people say the same thing. I didn’t want either as a president. People argued and fail out over this election. Majority of people wanted Bernie Sanders to win; instead everybody followed the #trending #topic The Two of the lesser evils! I just want people to let that sink in. Exercising your rights that some didn’t have years ago, just to get you to vote for 2 people you didn’t want from the beginning. I would say this election showed how we still live in a slave mentality. I want you to reread this and get an understanding on where I’m coming from. If you get what I’m saying please comment in the box below. This is an Open Discussion everybody’s opinion matters, and will not be judge by me. I will ask a question to your answer’s if I’m curious.

We the people need to really challenge our Government more. We are allowed to overturn are government we seem to be caught up in media and social media. We don’t even know, don’t care, or fully understand politics. I’ve started a hashtag #wakeupchallenge stay woke!

*Click on the link below, I think it’s a good read.

Electric Music Project Austra has an album coming out called “Future Politics“. Check out their video “Lose It” (2011)


A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part 2.

A new world…

I believe we’re still in the early stages of the “Millennium.”  Every Thousand years, there’s a historical change. Through these historical changes, history remains to repeat itself in some shape or form. Only this time in history a powerful but deadly change is here technology. Technology is great, but it can and has caused a lot of failures and grief. We went from borrow and trade, paper and metal, to a plastic card. The new world is here and it is “Total Recall“.


The way human does things has changed since the Native American’s, Egyptians, and Cave Men. The world is now at the tip of our hands. If you do the research  you can see the thousands of years this earth has withheld us as a people. Similar to the movie “Avatar“… Our world is blindly pieces of that film. Fighting for humanity to stay alive and save planet earth. Sometimes I reflect on old family photos taken from the 1800’s. Often feeling like an Ancestor in a Time machine traveling through the years. Gazing through each frame of history like the movie “Life“.


With all the ups, downs, good, and bad technology can bring to the world. There are a lot of positive sides of technology. I like the fact that if I’m lost I can use a GPS. If you love too dance or love music you can always go to sites like YouTube. The negative side of technology is privacy issues, leaked information, and the lack of human communication. I don’t know if I like the new world as much as The Millennium and back. I rather write sometimes or spend a lot time outdoors. The world today is so busy nowadays… similar to the Movie “Total Recall“.

What about you?

What are some things you like about technology? and dislike about it?

Singer/song writer/composer Mick Harvey has a New Album coming out January 20th, 2017. Check out his (1995) video Initials B.B.

A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part 1

Happy New Year’s Everyone!! Please drink responsibly.

On that note we all know New Years means a fresh start or a new start for most. We all make Financial, relationship and health changes before the New Year hits. As of last year I stopped with New Year resolutions. If I’m going to do something, it will be anytime of the year. It’s all about motivation, determination, and being Productive.

     1.Financial Goals : Are you working to build your credit or save for retirement?

manundermoney  Can help you repair and fix your credit with a fee. Click on the link for more Information.  Credit karma is great at giving you accurate information on your credit score.

The Dime Challenge Get a 2 liter and save dimes you will end up with about $700 dollars once it’s filled. I have not tried it, but I’m sure those little things add up.

**Invest in Stocks and Bonds leaving the middle man out, also invest in CD’s

       2. Relationship Goals : Do you want to build  better relationships?


I’m definitely not a relationship expert, but I have relationship issues like the rest of you. It could be family, friends, or a significant other

There are some people who you’re  not on good terms with. you win some you lose some! If you really want to mend things with them, be the bigger person and reach out. If you’re in love cherish that love, don’t take it for granted.Be the person you want them to be to you.

The best relationship you can have is one with yourself… Renew, Grow, and learn.

          3. Health Goals: Have you ever decided on eating healthy or being fit?

I decided in January 2016 to start juicing, I juiced for a month and It was expensive, but well worth it. It can curve your appetite from processed food, GMO, and gluten etc.  If your smoker it will curve your urge to smoke. Besides juicing I decided to eat healthy that month and the experience was delightful.

I only did it for a month and I cannot eat some things that are actually bad anymore. There are a lot of different reviews on juicing. I say do your own research and study on it. Some herbs, vegetables, and fruits I never tried until juicing. When you juice you can always save the pulp and put it on salads. That seems to be a negative factor for some people on Juicing, wasteful leftovers. I also recommend trying a Dr. Sebi diet and a no meat diet. Here’s a list of links that  may be helpful for a great start into the New Years.


Dr. Sebi

There’s many different ways to get motivated to be fit Coming from a skinny lazy girl, lol. I recommend starting with those 30 day challenges. You can find those on Pinterest and Google. Any part of your body you want to work on there is a challenge for it. If you a have workout partner go to the gym. Having a work out partner can be very beneficial find a friend or a significant other. Three great places to start are the gym, park, and home. Here are list of challenges you can try starting today!

January 27th, 2017 R & B group Bell Biv Devoe is  coming out with a New album entitled

“Three Stripes”

📺New Edition Story > Series starts January 24th-26th 2017 on B.E.T.

Bell Biv DeVoe on the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air😂

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Office worker sitting behind stacks of documents in office, portrait

I Dread 2 Differ

Chastity Jones applied to work at Catastrophe Management Solutions in 2010.Reading the Article on the magazine Essence’s  website. The company then hired her with one request…

Now if you took the time out to read the article above. You will see why Essence Magazine out of all journalism outlets  wrote an article on it. Essence magazine is geared towards African American woman whom a lot of us in the urban or suburban areas can relate too. There were different media outlets that covered this story in September, and justly her story should be heard.


We all know dreadlocks are a part of black culture and have been for years and a temple too a lot of the African decedents in the Islands south of the America’s. Dreadlocks have become a huge trend with the young black youth and outside of the African decent culture. With that being said we have to be honest a lot of things people of color created and symbolizes to be our culture. Has been stripped, talked about, attacked and dehumanized to create self-hate. 4 years back I wore an Afro to work and a white nurse said “Enjoli what’s wrong with your hair!?”  The ignorance of expression I had to bite my tongue. Being very much offended a co-worker said that’s a style in the black culture. Her being over 65 I’m sure she knew that…


My point of that is to say some whites can say things without saying things to try and get us to second guess our appearance. Meanwhile play lost or gives you the famous I didn’t mean anything by it line.You can always catch the sarcasm after years of experiencing racism. yet I guess being black were to stupid to recognize it. The same people who talked and talk about black’s big lips, dark skin, big butts, unique features, and creative style. Are now making it trendy for another race to use and make money off of it, we call that culture vulture .Black celebrities are doing the opposite of their culture and the whites the same. Now am I saying all? No, but it is trending coming from an era where it was okay to be black for a moment. Growing up in the 90’s we could Articulate our culture. Catastrophe Management Solutions does not consider it races they call it not meeting the code of conduct. What C.M.S. was doing was  coercing her to pick her career over her culture. Not only is that racism but modern day lynching of a woman and black culture…


Kylie Jenner’s Photo Shoot For Teen Vogue

How would corporations, government, and the entertainment industry like if people of color stripped them down about their hair, skin, and physical feature’s. Hollywood is doing a good job of pointing out the self-hate and self-gains while the judicial system strips us of it. Just the true reality of what I see going in my world. I love a variety of music I have friends that are different nationalities and met with a variety of people. I’ve lived in the country, suburbs, and “hood” and that gave me some opportunity and experience of meeting different classes of people. I want us as people of color to be able to embrace ourselves without being out cast, looked at as a threat, and dehumanized because the color of or skin. If our culture can be profited off of, why aren’t we allowed to be who we are? I’m not against other cultures or races being into black culture I just want us to be allowed to be us.

African culture has always had creative style and been versatile throughout history. If we can’t be us we should stop investing or time and money into these corporations. I think as soon as we unlearn materialism, hate, and certain teachings. We can go back to the black Wall Street, and support the communities that are looked down on and forgot about. Emanate fairness in the black culture and communities; one way to be fair is to make one feel equal.  Stand your ground, we’re always told we should talk in such a manner, dress in such a manner, look, and “act”  “PROFESSIONAL”  to people of color that is acting and being something were not which is European. Majority of the world is based on European rules and their Definitions of conduct.

Does that make one less professional or qualified Based on their hair?

We all know not all employers are bias on dreads, but there is also a thing called E.E.O.C. In larger cities there’s a lot of warehouse, call center, government, city, local jobs  that don’t require such conduct.

Who Remembers this 90’s classic? Me’Shell Ndegeocello


The pressure is on no turning back! I’M GETTING NERVOUS I just want my blog to do well.I also want to engage more with my wordpress family. I’m still learning how to move around the readers section… my focus has always been trying to build this blog. #2017  #quickpost #thinking  


My Fellow bloggers the battle…

​Now I’m curious ??? Some people think I should have a specific genre of topics I speak on, but I’m a curious person. Who is Interested in a lot of different things. I LOVE  Photography, politics, art, music, black enpowerment, religion, travel, health, conspiracies, etc. These last few days I’ve sat and ponder the idea and narrowed it down. I guess the things I speak on most is politics, issues with people of color, health,and conspiracy.


I say why limit yourself on a few topics when there’s a lot of things that needs too be discussed, shared, and viewed. Rather it be good, bad, positive or negative… There’s a lot of things and stories that can save a life or someone’s way of thinking. Why not share someone’s art,music, and entrepreneurship. Since big corperations are taking over we need to support these peopele. 
So I have a few questions for my fellow bloggers.🗨

  1. What made you want to do a blog?
  2. What is your Blog Based around?
  3. Do you think it’s good to have different topics for a blog? 
  4. Are you a amateur, meduim, or pro blogger? 
  5. I thank you all for any feedback