A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part 2.

A new world…

I believe we’re still in the early stages of the “Millennium.”  Every Thousand years, there’s a historical change. Through these historical changes, history remains to repeat itself in some shape or form. Only this time in history a powerful but deadly change is here technology. Technology is great, but it can and has caused a lot of failures and grief. We went from borrow and trade, paper and metal, to a plastic card. The new world is here and it is “Total Recall“.


The way human does things has changed since the Native American’s, Egyptians, and Cave Men. The world is now at the tip of our hands. If you do the research  you can see the thousands of years this earth has withheld us as a people. Similar to the movie “Avatar“… Our world is blindly pieces of that film. Fighting for humanity to stay alive and save planet earth. Sometimes I reflect on old family photos taken from the 1800’s. Often feeling like an Ancestor in a Time machine traveling through the years. Gazing through each frame of history like the movie “Life“.


With all the ups, downs, good, and bad technology can bring to the world. There are a lot of positive sides of technology. I like the fact that if I’m lost I can use a GPS. If you love too dance or love music you can always go to sites like YouTube. The negative side of technology is privacy issues, leaked information, and the lack of human communication. I don’t know if I like the new world as much as The Millennium and back. I rather write sometimes or spend a lot time outdoors. The world today is so busy nowadays… similar to the Movie “Total Recall“.

What about you?

What are some things you like about technology? and dislike about it?

Singer/song writer/composer Mick Harvey has a New Album coming out January 20th, 2017. Check out his (1995) video Initials B.B.


One thought on “A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part 2.

  1. kelley says:

    I agree with you; life is like Total Recall. Remember when you could walk into a place to ask if they were hiring? Now they tell you yes, but tell you to go back home and get on the computer to apply. It’s crazy! I definitely cherish the few friends I have and the time I spend with them and my family because people are more disconnected than ever.

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