Text, Call, or Both.


I grew up in era where we had house phones. Growing up I was never the girl who talked on the phone a lot. Not to mention a 3 way call that went bad in 5th grade by a girl looking to start trouble and she did just that, out of pure jealousy. I found my self talking on the phone a lot when I was dating my first love. we talked, laughed, and flirted, all over the phone.

July 4th 2015, my best friend had a cook out, and I walked passed an interesting conversation between my cousin, sister, and my Bf’s Brother. I didn’t say anything, I just listen to their conversation and views. My sister stated I like to text, because I don’t want to feel like I’m bugging someone. My Bf’s brother stated: How is that bugging some one? If I’m interested in some one I want to hear their voice. He also stated that you can get miscommunication from a text. Those are the 3 things my ears caught.

I though that was strange they brought that up, because I have been corresponding with this guy through text, and it bother me the excuses he had. I did let it be known, in a way that I want to talk on the phone. The Person said, I’m not really a phone person, but you can try calling me if I can answer… I will. So one day I Decided to call. NO answer so later I text (since he seems to be alright with text.) I said do you ever answer your phone? he replied I do, but in the back of my house my phone doesn’t ring. First off I  never said I called! I said do you ever answer your phone. Don’t get me wrong, I lived in a area where the reception was horrible. I understand that… But that further let me know, that you knew I called! because, when there is no reception the calls don’t come through. This person never ask me anything about myself, he asked me to send him some pictures! in the mean time I’m getting pictures sent of him that everyone else see’s (lol) so for all that, Facebook would have  been a great place to check my pictures out…not only that saying things like I cant wait to squeeze you, your sexy, I want you…. How about knowing me first!  ( looks fucked up from my view) While texting I found my self texting to long of a text.( I like to talk to people I find interesting)

Have you ever called somebody and they don’t answer and they make all types of post on Facebook, may even put a picture up of them relaxing at home! Lmao!  I’m a grown woman I don’t want to keep texting and I hate for people to insult my intelligence. I never initiated the first text, because being ass cool and talkative as he was when I met him, I would pick up the phone and call. I don’t really get into text or phone calling to be honest. I am a face to face type of person.One thing I learned from past experience. Is if a person is really interested in you they would call or stop by to hear your voice, to laugh, to have deep conversations about every and anything. I had a talk with a young man age 19 I work with. He said there is 24 hours in a day, no one is that busy. People make time to go play basketball, go out to eat, and entertain social media. their taking out time to do these things or more. He stated that it takes Noting to give someone at least 10 minutes of their time. If they can’t do that your not what they really want and they have no true interest in you. This 19 year old man was able to get on a mature deep level and take time to converse with me.

When I meet some one I like to hear their voice. I expect the same respect and honesty. When I say respect ( I mean the respect to keep it 100)   I think grown people should converse over the phone. It’s okay to text Gm. That  lets me know your “thinking of me” but when I realize it’s a behavior or a pattern of excuses I have to catch my cut. . Im not going to play along with the game, I’m a grown ass Woman….I’m getting the same message probably  50 other woman are getting as well.  To see if I’m being to mean or Not understanding – besides the other red flags. I ask the question on Facebook: Do you prefer a text or for some one to call and converse  with you like grown adults?

81 people prefer a phone call

23 people prefer text

22  preferred both

Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for those who text me. But to keep initiating text after you sense I prefer a call, is selfish and makes me think it’s a string along and a control thing that I want no part of. Most men even younger has always called me and that let’s me know your thinking of me. Not texting to get an ego boost or get a kick out how much effort I put in to a person who ask you nothing in return but… what do your friends think of me… me…me… me… me. The good thing about text, it is permanent so to go back and look at the behavior and self indulging  in the conversation Im Suprised I allowed it to go on as long as it did, I don’t like to feel like I’m being mean or Not understanding. I had enough of the string so I had too cut it. I figured when this person is not busy they would call. When I stopped giving long paragraph responses and short answers I begin to give shorter responses. And eventually stop texting… haven’t heard anything sense. Not to mention I showed interest  on the things they have going on. I asked for feed back on what I started on my blog and it was nothing. It’s like in your spare time it only takes  you 5mins to look and give feed back on the whole entire website. That’s when I knew bye…bye… now 😂

Ladies don’t let a man string you along through text. These type of people are fishing and baiting. Not all, but not everyone is gullible to text and just because a person hides behind text doesn’t mean the other person is always stupid to believe everthing. That’s why I wrote this blog women beware of the baiting texter! by no means is this a angry blog, but this is a don’t insult people’s intelligence, because others allow you to insult theirs blog. would you  like for people to insult your intelligence with BS? think about it… don’t find an excuse or take it personal be understanding like you would want people to be understanding of you. oh toodlesssss….

WordPress followers and bloggers, what do you prefer call or text?



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11 thoughts on “Text, Call, or Both.

    • erobe71 says:

      Thanks Eb!!! I know you rock with me and I really appreciate it! When I hit the lottery we’re going on a vacation, where we can have all the “medication” ⛽ we want! Lmao!!! 😘😘😘


    • erobe71 says:

      I dont like either, Too be Honest.I should be better at those things especially when I have lost love ones. I have put that on my list of things to work on.


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