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Owner Joilynn Payton of 8th Wonders Clothing has been working on her dream for a few years now. With hard work and dedication this young Black entrepreneur is making a name for her self. Porsha From Atlanta Housewives and ex wife of NFL football player Kordell Stewart was in love with the Dorthy Dandridge Shirt from 8th Wonders Clothing. Ms. Porsha did not only Dorothy but Diana Ross as well. . Might I say that red font… Stands out on her skin complexion. Check out Porsha on Dish Nation wearing her 8thwonders clothing Tee. Thanks Porsha for supporting This black queen on her journey!



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I Dread 2 Differ

Chastity Jones applied to work at Catastrophe Management Solutions in 2010.Reading the Article on the magazine Essence’s  website. The company then hired her with one request…


Now if you took the time out to read the article above. You will see why Essence Magazine out of all journalism outlets  wrote an article on it. Essence magazine is geared towards African American woman whom a lot of us in the urban or suburban areas can relate too. There were different media outlets that covered this story in September, and justly her story should be heard.


We all know dreadlocks are a part of black culture and have been for years and a temple too a lot of the African decedents in the Islands south of the America’s. Dreadlocks have become a huge trend with the young black youth and outside of the African decent culture. With that being said we have to be honest a lot of things people of color created and symbolizes to be our culture. Has been stripped, talked about, attacked and dehumanized to create self-hate. 4 years back I wore an Afro to work and a white nurse said “Enjoli what’s wrong with your hair!?”  The ignorance of expression I had to bite my tongue. Being very much offended a co-worker said that’s a style in the black culture. Her being over 65 I’m sure she knew that…


My point of that is to say some whites can say things without saying things to try and get us to second guess our appearance. Meanwhile play lost or gives you the famous I didn’t mean anything by it line.You can always catch the sarcasm after years of experiencing racism. yet I guess being black were to stupid to recognize it. The same people who talked and talk about black’s big lips, dark skin, big butts, unique features, and creative style. Are now making it trendy for another race to use and make money off of it, we call that culture vulture .Black celebrities are doing the opposite of their culture and the whites the same. Now am I saying all? No, but it is trending coming from an era where it was okay to be black for a moment. Growing up in the 90’s we could Articulate our culture. Catastrophe Management Solutions does not consider it races they call it not meeting the code of conduct. What C.M.S. was doing was  coercing her to pick her career over her culture. Not only is that racism but modern day lynching of a woman and black culture…


Kylie Jenner’s Photo Shoot For Teen Vogue

How would corporations, government, and the entertainment industry like if people of color stripped them down about their hair, skin, and physical feature’s. Hollywood is doing a good job of pointing out the self-hate and self-gains while the judicial system strips us of it. Just the true reality of what I see going in my world. I love a variety of music I have friends that are different nationalities and met with a variety of people. I’ve lived in the country, suburbs, and “hood” and that gave me some opportunity and experience of meeting different classes of people. I want us as people of color to be able to embrace ourselves without being out cast, looked at as a threat, and dehumanized because the color of or skin. If our culture can be profited off of, why aren’t we allowed to be who we are? I’m not against other cultures or races being into black culture I just want us to be allowed to be us.

African culture has always had creative style and been versatile throughout history. If we can’t be us we should stop investing or time and money into these corporations. I think as soon as we unlearn materialism, hate, and certain teachings. We can go back to the black Wall Street, and support the communities that are looked down on and forgot about. Emanate fairness in the black culture and communities; one way to be fair is to make one feel equal.  Stand your ground, we’re always told we should talk in such a manner, dress in such a manner, look, and “act”  “PROFESSIONAL”  to people of color that is acting and being something were not which is European. Majority of the world is based on European rules and their Definitions of conduct.

Does that make one less professional or qualified Based on their hair?

We all know not all employers are bias on dreads, but there is also a thing called E.E.O.C. In larger cities there’s a lot of warehouse, call center, government, city, local jobs  that don’t require such conduct.

Who Remembers this 90’s classic? Me’Shell Ndegeocello

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