8th Wonders Clothing In the Ayeee!

Owner Joilynn Payton of 8th Wonders Clothing has been working on her dream for a few years now. With hard work and dedication this young Black entrepreneur is making a name for her self. Porsha From Atlanta Housewives and ex wife of NFL football player Kordell Stewart was in love with the Dorthy Dandridge Shirt from 8th Wonders Clothing. Ms. Porsha did not only Dorothy but Diana Ross as well. . Might I say that red font… Stands out on her skin complexion. Check out Porsha on Dish Nation wearing her 8thwonders clothing Tee. Thanks Porsha for supporting This black queen on her journey!



Shop now at www.8thwonders.com and get your Dorothy Dandridge shirt!!! support Black Businesses.

My Fellow bloggers the battle…

​Now I’m curious ??? Some people think I should have a specific genre of topics I speak on, but I’m a curious person. Who is Interested in a lot of different things. I LOVE  Photography, politics, art, music, black enpowerment, religion, travel, health, conspiracies, etc. These last few days I’ve sat and ponder the idea and narrowed it down. I guess the things I speak on most is politics, issues with people of color, health,and conspiracy.


I say why limit yourself on a few topics when there’s a lot of things that needs too be discussed, shared, and viewed. Rather it be good, bad, positive or negative… There’s a lot of things and stories that can save a life or someone’s way of thinking. Why not share someone’s art,music, and entrepreneurship. Since big corperations are taking over we need to support these peopele. 
So I have a few questions for my fellow bloggers.🗨

  1. What made you want to do a blog?
  2. What is your Blog Based around?
  3. Do you think it’s good to have different topics for a blog? 
  4. Are you a amateur, meduim, or pro blogger? 
  5. I thank you all for any feedback 


Thank You

Thank you for visiting Open Expression 84!! I’m an amateur blogger Currently redoing my site, it will be simple and light. I don’t have a target audience or a specific area of interest. I’m interested in a lot of things from politics to ancient history. I promise to appeal to all audience, but I will most definitely be me. Blogging is about a piece of you mixed with shared information, arts and crafts. My first post will be #New Year’s Day,  Again I’m starting off light.Stay tuned and subscribe I will keep you coming back, or at least interested! Welcome to  Open Expression 84!!!

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