My Fellow bloggers the battle…

​Now I’m curious ??? Some people think I should have a specific genre of topics I speak on, but I’m a curious person. Who is Interested in a lot of different things. I LOVE  Photography, politics, art, music, black enpowerment, religion, travel, health, conspiracies, etc. These last few days I’ve sat and ponder the idea and narrowed it down. I guess the things I speak on most is politics, issues with people of color, health,and conspiracy.


I say why limit yourself on a few topics when there’s a lot of things that needs too be discussed, shared, and viewed. Rather it be good, bad, positive or negative… There’s a lot of things and stories that can save a life or someone’s way of thinking. Why not share someone’s art,music, and entrepreneurship. Since big corperations are taking over we need to support these peopele. 
So I have a few questions for my fellow bloggers.🗨

  1. What made you want to do a blog?
  2. What is your Blog Based around?
  3. Do you think it’s good to have different topics for a blog? 
  4. Are you a amateur, meduim, or pro blogger? 
  5. I thank you all for any feedback 


Review: The Birth of a Nation (2016) — Zone of Non-being

Has anyone else seen The Birth of a Nation? (2016) *sigh* There are quite a few problems with this film: 1. Black women are largely absent – unless they are being raped, beaten, or in need of protection from black men. At no point in the film are black women seen rebelling or assisting with […]

via Review: The Birth of a Nation (2016) — Zone of Non-being

Thank You

Thank you for visiting Open Expression 84!! I’m an amateur blogger Currently redoing my site, it will be simple and light. I don’t have a target audience or a specific area of interest. I’m interested in a lot of things from politics to ancient history. I promise to appeal to all audience, but I will most definitely be me. Blogging is about a piece of you mixed with shared information, arts and crafts. My first post will be #New Year’s Day,  Again I’m starting off light.Stay tuned and subscribe I will keep you coming back, or at least interested! Welcome to  Open Expression 84!!!

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