Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) Season 5 Exclusive Details


Now if you’re like me! You have been dying for season 5 of Orange Is the New Black! The women did what they had to do, Judy King was so close to freedom, and Piscatella was now marked as a dead man. My anxiety has been growing the closer it gets to June 9th, 2017. I will just do a brief recap on the end of season 4 and my thoughts on the beginning of season 5. This is one the best series out mystery, suspense, comedy, and unity all in one!



Now in season 4 a new CO by the name of Piscatella was now the man in charge to make sure the CO’s has been doing their job. Instead he was egotistical, abusive, and physically dangerous towards the women in the prison. Judy King was due for release and was throwing it around… seeing that she thought she was too good to be in there and quite controversial, she had another thing coming! A new Head guard, new inmates, new guards, deceit, rivalry, fights, and M U R D E R! In the mist of this entire break out of events warden Caputo is trying his best to make everyone happy. By doing that he has lost his trust with the inmates in the prison

Towards the end of season 4 this happens



Daya just having a baby in jail, her mother released back home from prison, her being there because of her mother, the father of her baby an ex prison guard of the prison no longer around,  and all the abuse from the new guards. Daya may blow she has the voices of the angry prison guards in her ear, also  growing tired of the abuse from Piscatella and the new guards anything is bound to happen! I believe in season’s 5 episode 1 Daya will snap out of it due to the love of her baby and trying to get out. I believe the OG’s will step in Red, Gloria, Norma, and Sister Jane will lead the way! Mr. Healy was drove insane I believe he will make a comeback, Sophia just got out the hole and  poor Lolly I hope she can keep it together  that is my girl!

What do you thing will happen in the beginning of season 5?

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