A New Year, A New World, & A New President Part. 3


Well change is good, right?  In a 5 days our new President will take office.

I know a lot of people aren’t happy with Donald Trump winning president. I think we needed that change, because we were too comfortable with True lies. What I mean by that is so many of the majority, middle class, and lower class people voted for people who did the bare minimum. By the bare minimum I mean giving us just enough to keep us quiet. As people we’re allowed to question and challenge our Government, but do we? We complain, protest, and don’t have a plan.

Donald has a reputation, but so does the runner up Hillary. My question is why do people blindly turn the cheek at The Clinton’s criminal background? All because their good reputation is paid for or people’s lives being blackmailed in silence. I believe we needed Donald Trump to wake up to the problems of America. The same names people call Trump is nothing short of what the presidents before him were.  I’ve heard he’s not fit to be president, neither was Bush. Even with him cheating no one did anything to challenge the government on that scandal.

Politics is full of deceit, scandal, ran by a cult. Media is where most people receive their information and sadly a mass majority of people believe the media. People will believe the media and social media before they go out and do their own research. You can learn a lot from misinformed information if enough people say the same thing. I didn’t want either as a president. People argued and fail out over this election. Majority of people wanted Bernie Sanders to win; instead everybody followed the #trending #topic The Two of the lesser evils! I just want people to let that sink in. Exercising your rights that some didn’t have years ago, just to get you to vote for 2 people you didn’t want from the beginning. I would say this election showed how we still live in a slave mentality. I want you to reread this and get an understanding on where I’m coming from. If you get what I’m saying please comment in the box below. This is an Open Discussion everybody’s opinion matters, and will not be judge by me. I will ask a question to your answer’s if I’m curious.

We the people need to really challenge our Government more. We are allowed to overturn are government we seem to be caught up in media and social media. We don’t even know, don’t care, or fully understand politics. I’ve started a hashtag #wakeupchallenge stay woke!

*Click on the link below, I think it’s a good read.


Electric Music Project Austra has an album coming out called “Future Politics“. Check out their video “Lose It” (2011)


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