Media vs Black Women

World Of Artistry

“If your woman is not a revolutionary she will destroy your seeds and make them into slaves!”

As a young 25 year old African American single mother of 3, I do not allow my children to watch TV. Its crazy because I use to be the television queen! There was not one reality show that I did not miss. From Love and Hip-hop(NY, ATL and Hollywood), to Basketball Wives, Real Housewives, Married to Med, Bad Girls Club and the list goes on. But it was not until current racal issues started happening that I turned off the television and started to educate myself. And BAM!; that is when I realized that MEDIA IS THE EQUIVOLENT OF THE DEVIL, esp to young black women!

Let me break it down, the reason why the world views black people (esp young black women )as ghetto, always ready to fight, hustling, pot head twerk machines is because that’s the way the media portrays…

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